Bush Pineapple Essence-20ml

Category: Biscuits,Dry Fruits & Confectionary
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Brand: BUSH

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ബുഷ്‌ പൈന്‍ ആപില്‍ എസ്സന്‍സ്

Pineapple essence is a great addition to number of savoury as well as sweet dishes for a tangy and sweet flavour.

Culinary Uses
" Run milk, essence, colour and one scoop ice cream in a blender till frothy. Pour it into chilled glasses and add a few pineapple pieces, mix gently. Top with a scoop of ice cream. 
" Pineapple essence can be added to baked goods and confectionary, sweet dishes - custard, cakes, pudding and pastries.
" Fresh cream can be flavoured with pineapple essence and used as a fruit dip