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Bathing Soap ,ഗോദ്രെജ് സിന്‍തോള്‍ ഒറിജിനല്‍

Cinthol deodorant and complexion soap saves your skin from the attack of heat the moment you step out of the house. This prevents your skin from dust and smoke that can cause pimples, rashes and blemishes. This soap is often recommended by doctors for skin protection. It is also useful to maintain the natural and radiant skin with glow. They come in a superior premium, which is useful to maintain the fragrance. This fresh fragrance spreads as soon as you open the pack and stays for 4-5 hours after the bath. They are specially designed and don’t slip out of your hands easily. Use this Cinthol bathing bars everyday to feel fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day.