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ഫ്രൂട്ടോമാന്‍സ് ചില്ലി സോസ്

Culinary uses of Green Chilli Sauce 

· Chinese green chili sauces usually come as a thick paste, and are used either as a dipping sauce or in stir frying
· Marinating the chicken with green chilli sauce and then grilling on a barbeque is fantastic.
· When handling fresh chillies be careful not to touch sensitive areas such as your eyes. It is recommended to rub a little olive or vegetable oil into your hands before you start to give a protective barrier to the chilli oil.
· Paprika, maple syrup, and Thai green chillies are combined with Chinese seasonings to prepare Sweet and hot recipe that can be added to vegetables or chicken preparations.
· Chiili sauce is a common ingredient in preparation like Thai green curry, sweet and sour tempeh, Chinese noodles, Italian Pasta, Chinese Fried rice, soups, stews,etc.
· Pour green chilli sauce over steamed vegetables for a beautiful combination of colour and flavour.

Health benefits of Green Chilli Sauce 

· The presence of pepper, tomato, oregano and onions in chilli sauce increases the anti oxidant quotient of the sauce
· Chilli sauce is low in fat content and is good source of Vit A, Vitamin C, iron and manganese.
· Chilli sauce is usually high in sodium content, so should be used sparingly in specific recipes.