Vim Dishwash Anti Bac Bar - Neem(10rs)

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Brand: VIM

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About the Product

Vim is the No.1 dishwashing brand in India. More than 7 out of 10 consumers in Urban Indian household use Vim bar for dishwash (based on IMRB Household Panel data for MAT April 2020). Dishwash Expert Vim now brings you the new Vim Anti-Bac bar with the goodness of neem extracts. It has neem extracts which are known to have the germ protection properties. Neem has been traditionally used as a natural germ killer in India for thousands of years. Vim Anti-Bac bar with neem helps to keep the utensils safe from harmful germs providing a superior cleaning.

Vim Anti Bac with neem extract is a powerful formulation. It helps to remove 99%* harmful germs from your utensils(*based on the lab test on selected bacteria) and also gives tough burnt stain removal from utensils with the degreasing power of lemons(power refers to the cleaning benefits of lemons). It is dark green in colour with a unique fragrance of neem, gives a pleasant cleaning experience during dishwash. Vim Anti bac bar helps to keep your family hygienic and safe from harmful germs. Vim Anti-Bac Bar can safely be used for cleaning all types of utensils like stainless steel, ceramic, non-stick ware, glass and even delicate and expensive crockeries. It is available in single and multipacks.